Clamp-on Meter 265 / 270
Clamp-on Meter
SDC290 / 96
Clamp-on Meter SAC80
Clamp-on Adapter SDC256AD / 296AD
Clamp-on Adapter SDC90A / 40A
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265 / 270


4000 Counts Display

Data Hold

AC/DC mV Range (DC mV Accuracy: 0.3% + 5digits)

Capacitance (Max 4mF)

Frequency (50MHz)

Slim jaw design and body is ideal for cramped work areas

Non-contact voltage detection to alert you of live circuits

Measures DCV, ACV, DCuA, ACA, Ohms, Frequency, Capacitance, Temperature, Diodes and Continuity

Removeable Battery/fuse compartment cover